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Who We Are

The Sagol Brain Institute Tel-Aviv was founded and headed by Prof. Talma Hendler in 1998 and is located at the Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center, which is equipped with a staff of over 800 physicians and 1,200 nurses. It is one of Israel’s largest medical centers, offering services in all of the major areas of modern medicine and medical research, including transplantation, neurosurgery, oncology, geriatric care, physical therapy, and rehabilitation.

Sagol Brain Institute is a division within the Radiology department, and pioneered the use of functional MRI, DTI and combined fMRI-EEG in Israel.


The Institute is affiliated with the Sackler Faculty of Medicine at Tel-Aviv University, an affiliation that enhances the quality of service, research, technological advancement and most importantly allows for collaboration with leading neuroscience programs at the Sagol School of Neuroscience and the School of Psychological Sciences.


Sagol Brain Institute leads a multidisciplinary research program in human neuroscience with a strong academic focus on multi-modal neuroimaging and cognitive neuroscience.

As a research center within a medical center, we encourage the rapid translation of academic insights into psychiatry, neurology, neuro-oncology, radiology and neurosurgery.


To this end, multi-level and multi-scale measures of neural and behavioral indications of brain structure and function, are developed within our center, and are then used to examine  the human brain.

Overarching methodological approaches

System-level brain typography 

Multiparametric brain tissue characterization

Multi scale measures of brain function

Multi-level indications for brain-mind relations    

Non invasive neuromodulation

 Research Teams

The Sagol Brain Institute operates through 7 different labs, each led by a senior scientist, and serves as an academic environment for about 30 graduate students and post docs.

Research Teams
Facilities & Resources

Facilities and Resources

The Sagol Brain Institute is equipped with a 3T MRI scanner and with state-of–the-art EEG systems, including an MRI compatible system (Brain Products 32 and 64 channel caps and amplifiers and a new EGI 256 channel net system). The Institute has also built its own patented EEG device for recording EEG inside the MRI scanner, allowing a significant reduction of both cardioballistic and non-cardioballistic noise.

Sagol Brain Institute includes 50 researchers and students from various backgrounds including psychologists, neurologists, psychiatrists, biologists, physicists, engineers, mathematicians, and computer scientists. The Institute also includes a clinical service that provides pre-operative brain mapping for epilepsy patients.

The Functional Neurosurgery Unit, and the IntraCranial Electrophysiology Lab provides epilepsy patient evaluation, presurgical evaluations (video-EEG, fMRI, PET, MEG, EEG-fMRI, wada and invasive monitoring using ECoG and depth electrodes) as well as intraoperative mapping using ECoG, LFP recordings, and stimulations in anesthetized and awake surgeries, including ground breaking research on single cell and local field potentials in a variety of cognitive emotional and vigilance states. This work involves the expertise of computer-scientists, engineers, a neuropsychologist, neurosurgeon and neurologist.


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