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Brain Informatics & Imaging
Team Leader
Associated Investigators

Research Goal

My research focuses on the use of advanced computer vision methods, based on imaging data (with emphasis on MRI), and combined with additional clinical data to improve diagnosis and follow-up of patients with brain pathologies.

In these studies, emphasis is placed on the interface with the clinic, from the stage of the study design and results validation, to the integration of the developed methods in clinical practice, with the aim of providing clinicians computer aided diagnostic tools, to assist in patient assessment.

Main Resaerch Themes

Developing an innovative fMRI/EEG system that uses EEG to detect epileptic activity and then combines fMRI to identify the source of this activity.


Mapping single neuron electrophysiological activity before during and after epileptic seizures..


Developing novel tools for brain impedance mapping.

Developing machine learning based tools to monitor deep brain activity using scalp EEG recordings

Study motivational processes and how they effect human decision making using a unique multi-level examination from the level of a single neuron to whole brain fMRI.

Multilevel examination of memory processes.

Developing machine learning based algorithms to detect functional brain areas prior to neurosurgery.


Sagol Brain Institute
6 Weizman St.
Tel Aviv, 64239

Tel  + 972 - 3 - 6973094

Fax + 972 - 3 - 6973080

(Located at: Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center, Affiliated with Tel Aviv Univerisity)

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