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Neurosurgical Interfaces
Leading Investigator
Director Department
Prof. Zvi Ram
Director of the Affiliated Lab
Prof. Talma Hendler (PhD)
Associated Investigators
Dr. Ben Shofty (MD)
Shlomit Ben Moshe
Dr. Tali Alfasi (PhD)
Dr. Dana Kril (PhD)

Research Objectives

Improve the preservation of high cognitive and affective functions following brain surgery by applying a personally tailored approach.

Develop novel neurosurgical interventions providing treatment for neuropsychiatric diseases. 

Both basic and translational research is performed using advanced imaging methods (structural and functional) along with neuropsychological tools in the neurosurgical context.

Main Research Themes

Development of psychological tools for peri-surgical brain mapping of high-cognitive and affective functions.

Develop reliable methods for intraoperative network stimulation driven by functional imaging.

Characterization of resting state networks and their interactions, revealing the differential contribution of different network nodes underlying various functions (e.g. creativity, value-based decision).

The influence of neurosurgerical interventions (e.g. tumor removal, cingulotomy, stimulation) on the organization of large-scale functional networks and related behavior.


Sagol Brain Institute
6 Weizman St.
Tel Aviv, 64239

Tel  + 972 - 3 - 6973094

Fax + 972 - 3 - 6973080

(Located at: Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center, Affiliated with Tel Aviv Univerisity)

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