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Neuropsychiatry & Neuromodulation 
Team Leader
Associated Investigators

Research Goal

To portray and probe human mental processing related to subjective emotional experience, by identifying their underlying brain activity, connectivity and complex dynamics. This over-arching goal is pursued through research in four themes:


Portraying neural substrates that underlie human emotions as they unfold

Multi-level depiction of individual diversity in emotional experience and expressions


Identifying the neurobehavioral domains that underlie psychopathology

Bridging scales in human brain mapping

Main Research Themes

Covers publications

(Located at: Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center, Affiliated with Tel Aviv Univerisity)


Sagol Brain Institute
6 Weizman St.
Tel Aviv, 64239

Tel  + 972 - 3 - 6973094

Fax + 972 - 3 - 6973080

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