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Advanced Brain Imaging 
Leading Investigator
Associated Investigators
Dr. Dafi Sourani (PhD)

Research Goal

To characterize the brain tissue and the cerebral-vascular system using multi-parametric advanced MR methods, for data acquisition and analysis, with the goal of improving identification, diagnosis and therapy response assessment for various brain pathologies.

Tissue identification, classification and quantification in patients with brain tumors. To date, the ability to assess therapy response and prognosis in patients with brain tumors is limited and mainly based on subjective, qualitative assessments. Advanced imaging methods (both acquisition and analysis), provide multiple parameters that indirectly detect structural and functional properties of the tissue. Together with advanced algorithms for data sorting, we can improve our ability for diagnosis and follow-up assessment of patients with brain tumors and improve our understanding of pathological processes. 

Monitoring and evaluation of brain development in fetuses, infants and children. Current techniques allow for the evaluation of brain structure, function and metabolic changes. Using these methods, and the development and application of innovative methods, enables us to answer important clinical questions and facilitates differential diagnosis, prediction and decisions about early intervention and treatment.      

Main Research Themes

Development and implementation of advanced methods for MRI data acquisition, using advanced computational tools for innovative data analysis and quantification parameters of MRI for clinical applications, with an emphasis on vascular methods.​  


Sagol Brain Institute
6 Weizman St.
Tel Aviv, 64239

Tel  + 972 - 3 - 6973094

Fax + 972 - 3 - 6973080

(Located at: Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center, Affiliated with Tel Aviv Univerisity)

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