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Deputy Director of the Sagol Brain Institute, Senior Researcher at the Sackler Faculty of Medicine & Sagol School of Neuroscience at Tel Aviv University.

Visiting Professor at the Northern Jiangsu People's Hospital Clinical Medical School of Yangzhou University.

Prof. Ben-bashat is the Leading Investigator of the #Advanced Brain Imaging research team at the Sagol Brain Institute.

My main research goals are to improve diagnosis and prognosis by facilitating the development of more accurate diagnostic tools using advanced MRI methods, for both acquisition and analysis. By providing advanced tools, clinicians are able to choose the best treatment strategies, improving their understanding of the expected responses, which is extremely important for personalized medicine.

One of our main research interests is providing accurate brain mapping and multi-parametric tissue characterization, specifically focusing on both the structure and function of the vascular system.


In my research I use conventional MRI methods including T1, T2, T2* mapping and advanced MRI methods including vascular imaging: dynamic susceptibility contrast (DSC), dynamic contrast enhancement (DCE); vascular reactivity measures; diffusion tensor imaging (DTI); MR spectroscopy (MRS) and relaxometry. My group develops both MR acquisition methods and application of machine learning algorithms for image analysis, with applications for several brain pathologies and the study of brain development.


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